• SE-CH5BL
  • SE-CH5BL


  • Original drivers developed for Hi-Res Audio reproduce frequencies between 8 Hz–45 kHz.
  • Ultra-Wide-Spectrum 9.7 mm (3/8˝ ) dynamic drivers for accurate detail reproduction and excellent imaging performance.
  • Airflow control port technology improves mid-band clarity.


  • Over-the-Ear Cable Design reduces touch-noise and ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
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Discover the Magic of Balanced Audio.

  • Take a sonic leap forward with the SE-CH5BL, high-performance headphones featuring a 2.5 mm (2/16˝ ) stereo connector for Balanced Audio Output. Similar to XLR outputs on flagship hi-fi separates, signals for left and right channels are sent through discrete cables,eliminating noise and crosstalk, lifting headroom, and providing an immersive soundstage thanks to excellent stereo separation. The SE-CH5BL headphone brings out the best in Hi-Res Audio with ultra-wide-range dynamic drivers reproducing a more complete musical picture. Airflow Control Port preserves mid-range clarity, and bassheads will love the agile low-end performance. An affordable partner for balanced audio-ready Digital Audio Players, the SE-CH5BL unlocks premium listening wherever your day takes you.

Ultra Wide Spectrum 9.7 mm (3/8˝ ) Dynamic Drivers for Accurate Detail Reproduction and Excellent Imaging Performance.

  • Original drivers developed for Hi-Res Audio reproduce frequencies between 5 Hz–50 kHz, allowing the true harmonic character of audible sound to be reproduced while restoring a sense of spaciousness to your music.

Airflow Control Port Improves Mid- and Low-frequency Separation, Reveals Extra Clarity and Detail.

  • Airflow Control Port assists by separating mid- and low-frequency bands, bringing the richness of vocals to life in stunning detail.

Machined Brass Nozzle and Aluminum Housing Provides Excellent Rigidity for Deep, Accurate Bass.

  • Double-layered metal structure featuring a brass nozzle and aluminum sleeve eliminates resonances and vibrations that can smear low-frequency sound.

Balanced Audio Output

  • Formerly restricted to desktop headphone setups, balanced audio goes mobile with a new 2.5 mm (2/16\˝ ) 4-pole plug with discrete braided cables for L/R channels.
  • Music expands into the headroom this technology provides as noise vanishes and details come into clearer focus.


Model SE-CH5BL
Type Fully-enclosed Dynamic Headphones
Frequency Response 8 Hz to 45 000 Hz
Impedance 26 Ω
Max. Input Power 100 mW
Sensitivity 108 dB
Driver Units φ9.7 mm
Cable Length 1.2 m
Plug φ2.5 mm 4P stereo mini-plug (gold plated)
Weight (without cord) 7 g
Accessories Supplied with Silicon Earphone Tips (S/M/L),and Carrying Pouch
color BLACK(-K)