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  • PHA-M70
  • PHA-M70
  • PHA-M70


  • Dual L/R microphones enhance natural sound directionality.
  • Auto level adjustment suppresses noise spikes to protect ears.
  • Ambient noise reduction and anti-howling technology provide clear, natural, and comfortable sound.
  • Balance adjustment for L/R earphones to personalize response.


  • Lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • Easy-to-read volume level numbers.


  • Finger-friendly volume wheel and on/off button.
  • Comfortable fit with four earphone tip sizes (XS/S/M/L).

Other Feature

  • About 21 hours operation with supplied rechargeable battery.
  • Works with any AAA/R03 cell batteries.
  • Very Simple to Use.
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Simply Clearer Sound

  • Microphones for left and right ears collect sound for amplification and playback through two big 10 mm drivers. Roll your thumb on the volume wheel to adjust the sound of your family talking, boost up dialog in TV programs, and catch every word of a phone-call clearly. The earphones are comfortable and the amp is light, so you’re free to connect with the world.

Hear the Sounds You Want

  • Digital Signal Processing filters unwanted background noise and focuses on what you want to hear: people’s voices. Technologies coalesce inside this compact device to let daily conversation and communication become rich and rewarding once more. Sound is clean, natural, and comfortable.

Advanced Tech Improves Audibility

  • If you could use help to hear more clearly, PHA-M70 is a simple, discreet, yet technically advanced solution. It has automatic ambient noise reduction, dual mics and DSP for natural directionality, balance adjustment for L/R ears, and automatic input reduction to protect against sudden loud noises. All of this vastly improves your ability to hear voices clearly. Furthermore, antihowling technology lets you talk comfortably on the phone without feedback.

Very Simple to Use

  • No more fiddly switches and tiny buttons: there aren’t any. The PHA-M70 has a large, finger-friendly power button; a lamp that tells you if the device is on or off; and a chunky volume wheel with numbers clearly displayed. Even the fat stereo cable plug is easy to use.

A Practical Solution in Every Way

  • At just 19 grams, the amplifier weighs next to nothing in your pocket. There’s a clip to keep the device attached to items of clothing. The clip detaches if you prefer. The PHA-M70 comes packaged with charging cradle, AC adapter, earphones, four pairs of earphone tips, and is available in a choice of two high-quality color finishes.

Works All Day with One Fast Charge

  • The supplied special rechargeable battery returns about 21 hours of operation. When power is low, a red lamp comes on with earphone beeps to let you know. Simply click the amp into the cradle charger, and in about 3.5 hours you’re ready to go again. The amp accepts any kind of AAA/R03 cell batteries if you run out of power when out and about.


Sound processing Digital Signal Processing
Max. output sound pressure level 115 dB SPL
Full On acoustic gain 42 dB
Power source Rechargeable AAA/R03 1.2 V DC NiMH cell (x1) or any AAA/R03 cell batteries
Earphone section Fully enclosed 10 mm dynamic driver
Microphone section Electret condenser
Dimensions (WHD) 33.5 x 76 x 14 mm (Not including clip)
Weight 19 g (Not including battery and clip)
Supplied accessories XS/S/M/L earphone tips, NiMH battery (AAA/R03), cradle charger, AC adapter, user instruction manual, quick start guide, and after-sales support leaflet
  • Note: The Personal Sound Amplifier is intended for use in amplifying daily sound within a user’s personal space, and is not a medical instrument. The product is not certified for use as a medical hearing aid, nor is it intended as a replacement for a medical hearing aid for users with diagnosed hearing loss. Pioneer recommends that customers who are unsure of their medical status to seek a professional opinion on treatment options. Pioneer cannot be held responsible for injury or damage to property incurred while using this product.
  • Model availability varies by country.Please see your region's website for details.
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